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Culture, wine, cars, architecture, history, world-class museums, mineral baths, parks, hiking and walking, festivals, stunning viewpoints, global sport events, as well as countless leisure activities are just some of the attributes that best describe the state capital of Baden-Württemberg.

Sitting in a 'cauldron', the city centre is surrounded by hills, forests and vinyards, which in combination with its many parks make Stuttgart one of the greenest cities in Europe. Tourism in Stuttgart already dates back to the 1820's, when well-off visitors from Europe and even the US came for the healing powers of the Stuttgart mineral springs, with the city boasting the second highest amount of mineral springs in Europe after Budapest.
For today's visitors, Stuttgart has something for everyone. Wine lovers can spend time walking the trails on the slopes of the vinyards, tasting the produce along the way at one of the many wineries, and automobile fans can admire the inventions of Mercedes-Benz and Porsche in their stunning museums.
When it comes to architecture, the city has always been on the forefront, the best examples being the UNESCO World Heritage Site listed Le Corbusier House in the Weissenhof Estate or the world's first ever built Television Tower. New samples include the Kunstmuseum, the Dorotheen Quartier, and the multi-award winning Municipal Library among many others.
The density of world-class museums is among the highest in any city and include the State Gallery and Kunsmuseum among others, and the Stuttgart Opera and Ballet are recognised among the leading in the world.
The surrounding area of Stuttgart offers plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking and biking or a cruise on the Neckar River. For families, the city offers many interesting museums such as the Museum of Natural History am Löwentor or the world's biggest pig museum, as well as many swimming pools, a beautiful zoo and activities such as a miniature train or a funicular cable car ride.
Stuttgart is also known as a city of festivals, and there is almost always something going on, from the international lantern festival to the Volksfest, Stadtfest or the Christmas Market to name just a few.

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