New South Wales - The Outback

The vast and awe-inspiring outback in New South Wales is packed with adventures, nature, wildlife, history, remote towns and national parks. The endlesness of the area has something magical, and it is not uncommen to drive for several hours without seeing another vehicle before reaching one of the towns or natural sights, which makes the outback even more special. Towns such as Silverton, Broken Hill, Bourke, Mildura and Hay among others inevitably makes visitors feel that they have reached a last and final frontier. This is not only due to their location, but also to their unique story of their excistence. Most are based on mining, and all of them offer glimpses into a past which helped Australia becoming what it is today.

The outback also offers a great insight into the culture and life of the indigenous Aboriginal people, with many important sites spread throughout the outback. For nature lovers, the outback attracts visitors with its rugged scenery and red coloured plains and mountain ranges. A night camping under the stars in the outback is an unforgettable memory.

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