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About us

Back to an ‘old school travel guide’ using modern technology

The idea for Travolution360 was first born with the thought of promoting lesser known and rural areas with high potential for tourism. Many stunning and beautiful areas were literally ‘off the map’, as there is not always interest from bigger and well-known travel companies to invest time and resources in these areas as the financial return from these areas can be significantly lower than compared to mainstream places. By doing so, many wonderful places are left out, and the chance of income for the local rural population via tourism is heavily reduced. But it is in those areas where any extra income is needed most.

Another thought that went into Travolution360 is the fact that it is extremely hard to find proper information about places regarding attractions, be it natural, historical or cultural. While there are numerous online travel guides, many only act as selling platforms, with little content on the actual sights. Travolution360 takes the opposite approach, putting places of interest first.

Another integral part of Travolution360 came during the development of the travel guide, when the Covid-19 crisis hit the world-wide tourism sector. While first planning to be a pure travel guide, Travolution360 now also aims to help any tourism business back on its feet by offering advertising space and by actively promoting them on our website and on social media.




You can’t get to the places you’ve never imagined until you discover them.

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