The North - Lampang, Lamphun & Prae

Lampang sits in the broad river valley of the Wang River, surrounded by mountain chains. Within the province are Chae Son and Doi Khun Tan National Parks, as well as Doi Luang National Park. Lampang is famous for the production of ceramics and its mining operations. Apart from the natural attractions, Lampang province is also home to several interesting historical sites dating back to the Lanna Kingdom.

Lamphun province lies in the Ping River valley and is surrounded by two mountain chains. Legends handed down for more than 1,400 years refer to Lamphun town as Hariphunchai, which was founded by Queen Chamthewi who was of Mon origin. In the late 12th century, King Mengrai overran the town and subsequently integrated it into the Lanna Kingdom. Today, Lamphun's attractions include ancient sites and relics as well as forests, mountains and lakes. Lamphun province is also Thailand's most famous producer of Longan fruit.

An old and important community of Northern Thailand, Phrae was founded after Chiang Mai had been established as the capital of the Lanna Kingdom. The province is entirely surrounded by mountains with level plains in the middle and features Thailand's largest reserves of Teak forests. Interesting for visitors are the province's national parks, local culture and historical sites.

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