The Northeast - Khon Kaen, Mukdahan, Roi Et & Chaiyaphum

Khon Kaen is best known for its silk, beautiful scenery along the Mekong river, and dinosaur fossils. Various artefacts have been found in the province proving that the area was once inhabited by dinosaurs and early human inhabitants. Some of the sites can easily be visited at Phu Wiang national park. Modern day Khon Kaen has its roots in the ancient Khmer empire when it expanded into the area in the 12th century.

Mukdahan is one of the main gateways to Laos and the local people have had a long relationship with the population of Savannakhet province in Laos, although they are separated by the Mekong River. Mukdahan is home to several ethnic minorities, including the Thai Isaan, Phu Thai, Thai Kha, Kraso, Thai Kaloeng, Thai Yo, Thai Saek, and Thai Kula. The main attractions for visitors to the province are the beautiful scenery along the Mekong river and the unique minority cultures.

Most of Roi Et province is covered by plains about 130–160 meters above sea level, drained by the Chi River. In the north are the hills of the Phu Phan mountain range, and in the south the Mun River forms the boundary with Surin.
The recorded history of Roi Et began during the late Ayutthaya period, when a king of Laos and his people migrated from Champasak to settle down in the area. During the reign of King Taksin of Thonburi, Roi Et town was moved to its present site. The main attraction of the province is Phalanchai Lake in the heart of Roi Et town. It is regarded as the symbol of the province and features an island boasting a large flower garden shaded by various species of trees.

The history of Chaiyaphum dates back to the Khmer Empire in the 12th century, when its small capital city was on the route from Angkor to Prasat Singh in today's Kanchanaburi province. The province is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts, as it features nice scenery and four national parks. Tat Ton National Park in the northwest is home to scenic waterfalls and dry dipterocarp forests. The other parks are Sai Thong, Pa Hin Ngam and Phu Lan Kha. Chaiyaphum is also well known for its huge fields of the Siam tulip.

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