Trincomalee & the Northeast Coast

The history of Trincomalee dates back thousands of years, which becomes quickly evident upon entering the city. Trincomalee is home to the Koneswaram Kovil sitting on a high cliff known as Swami Rock. The temple is one of the most important pilgrimage sites for Hindus in Sri Lanka and southern India alike, and Trincomalee sees many pilgrims throughout the year flocking to town.

While the Koneswaram Kovil and other temples date back more than 2000 years, the city features many historical buildings and places showcasing the importance of the area during the colonial times. They include the impressive Trincomalee Fort and the Hood Tower Battery among others. Several museums are dedicated to this time period, helping visitors understanding the turbulent history of the area.

To the north of Trincomalee are Uppaveli and Nilaveli, featuring some of the best beaches in Sri Lanka. All kinds of water based activities are available here, including scuba diving and seasonal whale and dolphin watching. Pigeon Island national park just off the coast is a heaven for scuba diving and snorkelling alike and is easily accessible from both Uppaveli and Nilaveli.

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