The far North & Jaffna

After being inaccessible for nearly 40 years due to the horrific civil war, Sri Lanka’s North is slowly opening its gates for visitors again. This is not only a blessing for the local population, who are in need of important income, but also for tourists who are interested in visiting remote and unique areas off the beaten path.

Sri Lanka’s northern region is different in many ways compared to the rest of the country. The scenery is vast and flat and home to unique natural features such as Baob Trees brought from Africa hundreds of years ago by Arab traders, wild donkeys and wild horses. The area, and especially some of the islands, are not only home to several beautiful beaches, but also to many ancient ruins, as well as impressive historical sites dating back to Sri Lanka’s colonial past.

Jaffna, the region's capital city, is a bustling place with colourful roads, markets, temples and churches. The city is also home to the impressive Jaffna Fort, as well as to other places of interest including remains of ancient palaces, the Jaffna Library building and other historical sights.

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